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Volume : 2, Issue : 2

  • Biological rhythm disturbances in patients with bipolar disorder under remission

  • Author : Bhaskar Katram, Ch. Siva Kumar
  • Page No. 76-79
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  • Abstract  

    Background: Biological rhythms are very important aspects governing the human life. The patients suffering from bipolar disorder have lot of issues which play an important role in the course of their illness. There is need to study their influence on the overall health in these patients especially who are under remission to prevent the relapse. This may help in improved compliance with better quality of living. Thus, reducing the need for hospitalizations.
    Methods: 30 subjects with bipolar disorder according to ICD10 and fulfilling the criteria for remission were compared with 30 age matched normal subjects using the Biological Rhythms Interview of Assessment in Neuropsychiatry (BRIAN) to assess biological rhythm disturbance. It is an 18-item interviewer-administered instrument which allows us to investigate the main areas related to circadian rhythm disturbance (sleep/social, activities, and eating pattern) in bipolar disorder.
    Results and discussion: The BRIAN (total) scores were 23.37 +/- 2.76 for the patients vs. 18.43 +/- 0.77 for controls were significant. Significant correlation was observed between total duration of illness (in years) and total number of episodes in the sample patient population. The correlation was of statistical significance with relation to age of onset (in years) with BRIAN’s Activity pattern (r=0.517, p=0.003 and Social pattern (r=0.409, p=0.025) and the BRIAN (Total) scores (r=0.486, p=0.007). The results suggest a potential association between biological rhythms and Bipolar disorder pathophysiology. There is need to for working other specific psychosocial interventions as a supplement to the psychopharmacological treatment of bipolar illness episodes.

  • Keyword : Bipolar disorder, Biological rhythms, Remission