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Volume : 3, Issue : 1

  • Study of psychiatric morbidity in cancer patients- in teaching hospital

  • Author : Rene de Souza, Syed Mateen
  • Page No. 33-37
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  • Abstract  

    Introduction: Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. Co morbidity of cancer and psychiatric disorders can be as a result of the disease itself or due to associated problems.
    Aim: To know the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in patients suffering from cancer and its relation to the awareness of cancer.
    Materials and Method: 245 patients diagnosed with carcinoma referred to the department of psychiatry were selected for the study. Mini International Neuropsychiatric interview-plus{MINI-plus} was used to diagnose psychiatry morbidity and awareness of cancer was assessed by the interviewer using a questionnaire.
    Results: Out of 245 patients, 113 patients had Psychiatric disorders. The mean age of the patients was 53.7 ± 9.8 years. Breast cancer 41.3% is most common cancer observed while GIT related cancer are second common cancer. Major Depressive Disorder (28.3%) and adjustment disorders (26.6%) are most common psychiatric disorder found in the study population. Presence of psychiatric disorders is more in patients who are aware of cancer diagnosis which is highly significant (p=<0.05).
    Conclusions: There is strong relationship between presence of Psychiatric disorders and awareness of cancer.

  • DOI : 10.18231/ 2455-8559.2017.0008