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Volume : 3, Issue : 2

  • A Study to Examine the Relationship between Emotion Regulation and Resilience among First-year Undergraduates

  • Author : Pavani Narukurthi, Raghuram Macharapu, Vishnu Gade, Pramod KR Mallepalli, Ravulapati Sateesh Babu
  • Page No. 73-77
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  • Abstract  

    Introduction: Transitioning to undergraduate college life can be stressful as students have to make multiple adjustments. Emotional Regulation (ER) plays a crucial role in the psychosocial development of college students. Adaptive ER strategies are important for developing resilience.
    Objective: To examine the relationship between emotional regulation and resilience among first-year undergraduates.
    Methodology: The sample included first-year undergraduate students from respective colleges (Medical, Engineering and Degree), who completed the following instruments; Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ; Gross and John, 2003) and Brief Resilience Scale (BRS; Smith, Dalen, Wiggins, Tooley, Christopher & Bernard, 2008). Statistical analyses were carried out and the findings were discussed by referring to relevant literature.
    Results: A significant positive correlation was obtained between cognitive reappraisal and resilience. On the other hand, expressive suppression demonstrated a significant negative correlation with both cognitive reappraisal and resilience.
    Conclusion: Effective life skills training program is necessary to battle various psychological in competencies.

  • Keyword : Emotional, Regulation, Resilience, College Students, Life Skills Training.
  • DOI : 10.18231/2455-8559.2017.0018