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Telangana journal of psychiatry

Telangana journal of psychiatry
Volume : 1, Issue : 1

  • Long Acting Injectable Antipsychotics – Where Are We?

  • Article : Open Access
  • Subject : Psychiatry, Mental Health, Psychology
  • Year : 2015
  • Author : Phani Prasant Mulakaluri
  • Email id : [email protected]
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  • Page To : 4
  • Page No : 1-4
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  • Abstract  

    Globally, schizophrenia is a leading cause of years lost to disability, with a particularly large burden among adolescents and young adults.[1] Although antipsychotic medications reduce psychotic symptoms and greatly decrease the risk of relapse, their effectiveness in realworld practice is decreased by non-adherence.[2] Non adherence rates have been reported up to 40-60% in the literature.[3] Despite this high prevalence, providers are often unaware of this issue and generally overestimate medication adherence in their patients.

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